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Imagine a solid block of brass, heavy and cool to the touch with a tapered candle wedged in and slowly burning down over a long dinner. Dishes constantly being passed around the table, endlessly swapping places, the candles get bumped by a plate, nothing happens, the candle block sits firm and resolute. Hours pass, the candle burning low, flickers, reflecting off the columns.  

Our candle block is based on one of the earliest architectural principles, a dais and four vertical columns. As a form, it is as simple and elegant as possible.

The solid block of brass is milled to perfection and polished.


Fits a standard 20-22mm dining candle. 

If this breaks through reasonable wear and tear in the next 1000 years, please get in touch for a complete refund or replacement.

Size (mm) 50 x 50 x 100 Weight 1200 grams

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